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cyberbullyCybersecurity – protecting young people from online hatred 
While racist bullying was previously confined to those environments, social media permits 24/7 access to images, posts and threads and now can extend into the bedroom, provided a young person has access to a smartphone. more ...
Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya
michael-jordanThe Last Dance, Lance and legacy – further thoughts on racism 
One of my many concerns is that young people will operate out of a position of fear; a fear that they will at some point risk being dragged down and their reputations destroyed when they inevitably make mistakes. more ...
Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya
collins-lesulie-j6SBCalcE4Y-unRacism, action and empathy 
Responding to the death of George Floyd - keeping silent or doing nothing under these circumstances feels like a poor and insensitive choice. more ...
Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya