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I sense that this is a really important question for us to address here at MASF because it's a very common concern amongst Christians who have mental health issues.
As adults, it can seem overwhelming to help our children deal with their emotional response to the coronavirus crisis, when we may not even know how to handle it for ourselves.
How one church started a running group to combat the mental distress of COVID-19
As I write, I am sitting on a ferry. It seems like the perfect time to write about transitions, not just because I am between countries, but also because I will be entering quarantine when we arrive home.
Perhaps one of the most poignant aspects of lockdown, particularly as we’ve continued to journey through the various phases of it, has been the effect it has had on our children and teenagers - now being described by some as the ‘Coronavirus generation'.
How to deal with a society that is fixated on thinness and dieting.