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thomas-evans-tvnnomHvv9I-unsplAttitudes to suicide
One of the hardest things to deal with when someone is suicidal or has died from suicide is that there are so many negative attitudes aboout the subject. more ...
Rob Waller
Genius, grief and grace
25/07/2008 -London psychiatrist, Dr Gaius Davies, tells the stories of ten famous Chrstians from the last few hundred years who battled with mental health problems. For many it was actually a key to their knowing of God and their genius in their ministry. more ...
Gaius Davies

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One Head, Two Cures?John Swinton
Slides and Handouts
Length:30 minutes
Exploring the relationship between Christian healing and contemporary psychiatric practice Prof Swinton offers some joined up thinking for the future of the relationship between Christianity and psychiatry
MP3 AudioListen Download 24.3MB
Spirituality and Mental HealthRob Waller
Main AV Folder
Length:30 minutes
An over view of the history of Mind and Soul, of Rob's journey and of the relationship between Spirituality, Christianity and Mental Health
MP3 AudioListen Download 10.5MB