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farmlandSpringtime Anxieties
How are you feeling with the new yaer having started. For most of us, the old anxieties are still there! more ...
Rob Waller
The relationship between mental health and the church is made infinitely more complex by the tendrils of shame that so easily grip different aspects of our communities. more ...
Will Van Der Hart
Guilt 300x300The Guilt Book - Radio Review
This short [10 minute] interview on Premier Christian Radio by Andy Dipper and Ruth Jackson looks at The Guilt Book - its aims and target audience, and its main themes more ...
christianitymagazineThe Guilt Book - Magazine Review
This review appeared in the September 2014 issue of Christianity Magazine - 5 stars more ...
jesusThe law of least love
Have you ever felt wronged and been unable to do something about it. Jesus understands because he has been there and felt the helplessness of love at the first Easter more ...
Rob Waller
appleTowards emotionally healthy eating
As usual there's a lot in the press at the moment about how to eat healthy. But what does emotionally healthy eating look like? And does it really involve fasting two days a week? more ...
Kate Middleton
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GuiltRob Waller
Slides and Handouts
Length:45 minutes
Many people are paralysed with guilt. Guilt robs you of freedom, peace and joy. It can make you feel unacceptable or isolated. Jesus’ forgiveness is the ultimate remedy for guilt, but even for those who believe, guilty feelings can still present a lingering problem. This talk aims to differentiate between our true guilt, for which forgiveness is needed, and false guilt, for which a psychological approach will help
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The Guilt Book - Radio ReviewRuth Jackson and Andy Dipper
Main AV Folder
Length:10 minutes
Premier Christian radio's morning show gave The Guilt Book between 4 and 5 stars. The review is a helpful overview of what the book is about, who it is for and some of the key points.
MP3 AudioListen Download 4.2MB
The Guilt TripWill van der Hart
Length:40 minutes
Will speaks on guilt - recorded at the HTB Free to Be Conference 2013 -
MP3 AudioListen Download 20.4MB