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burnoutOn World Mental Health Day - do we need to take burnout (and our minds) more seriously?
Burnout is a complex set of experiences and reactions, and perhaps the most challenging thing about it is how hard some of those loops are to break out of. more ...
Hero-webEven heroes get tired 
more ...
Kate Middleton
leafWellbeing in Leadership
How to lead for the long haul and stay emotionally healthy as a leader more ...
This week's Mental Health Awareness Week is all about stress - but why are we so stressed out? more ...
Kate Middleton
refuel 300Do you need to refuel?
Christians are not exempt from feeling stressed. What do you do if your desire to be ‘all out’ for God seems to end up with you feeling ‘stressed out’ or at risk of 'burnout'? more ...
Kate Middleton
burnoutThe Essential Guide to Burnout
My mind, body and spirit cannot take any more. Is this preventable? Yes. We can avoid burnout in the first place - and this book will help you, wherever you are on the slope towards it. more ...
Andrew and Elizabeth Proctor
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ResilienceDr Rob Waller
Main AV Folder
Length:50 minutes
What is resilience and how can you grow it? Recorded at the Korus Connect Conference in Melbourne in 2018
Resilience - Dr Rob Waller.mp3Listen Download MP3 Audio 69.4MB (50:33)
Filling the Tank - Building Personal ResilienceDr Rob Waller
Main AV Folder
Length:50 minutes
How do people who care for others care for themselves? Complete a burnout questionnaire and make a personal resilience plan Recorded at the Korus Connect Conference in Melbourne in 2018
Filling the Tank.mp3Listen Download MP3 Audio 69.8MB (50:49)