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One of our aims at Mind and Soul is to produce and make available great resources covering the whole range of issues associated with emotional and mental health.  In order to do this we’re hugely grateful to a whole host of people who help us by writing articles.  If you’re interested in joining our team of writers, we’d love to hear from you. 

The best way to go this is quite simple - write something and send it to us!  Whether its a one off testimony, sharing your thoughts on something or something more in depth, we’d be very interested to hear what you have to say. Please fill in the contact-form on our contact us page with a brief outline and we will let you know who to email it to for review.

One of our aims at Mind and Soul is to get as wide a range of helpful, accurate and informative articles as we can.  We don’t want to just publish our own opinions.  So do tell us what you think - we really welcome the variety that external writers can bring to us.  But bear in mind that we do reserve the right not to publish everything submitted to us. 

Writing Guidelines

In order to help you when you are writing your article, here are some guidelines to bear in mind when writing for us:
Keep it simple!  If you’re planning to dazzle us with long words, lengthy theses, complicated explanations or bewildering explorations of your subject you may be disappointed.  We’re passionate about producing clear, easy to understand resources that help to demystify emotional and mental health conditions.  Most of our articles are in the range of 800-1500 words, so aim at this and you won’t go far wrong.

Be sensitive!  Inevitably some areas, concepts or opinions in mental health are controversial so be aware if you are writing in a difficult area.  Similarly, particularly when touching on difficult or emotional painful subjects, we don’t want to upset or trigger people reading.  Be sensitive to those who might read what you have written and if in doubt, leave it out.

Don’t take sides!  We know that sometimes in the field of mental health you might see or read things other people have written or said that really make your blood boil.  Our aim is that the Mind and Soul site is somewhere people can come to get the truth on such issues, and to query or question things they have heard elsewhere.  However, we must respect the different opinions of other professionals, leaders or individuals.  Avoid one sided critiques of other people, try not to be too one sided in what you write, and never - no matter how tempting - slip into being rude!

Don’t write about something you don’t know!  It is of vital importance to us that articles on the Mind and Soul site are reliable and up to date sources of information.  So don’t write about something you aren’t sure about, avoid quoting dodgy sources or out of date material and never comment or speculate about someone else’s mental health - if its not you you’re not in a position to comment!

Don’t leave anyone out!  Its really important that we give credit to anyone who has inspired or informed us as we’re writing an article.  So if you do quote anyone, or have read anything great on your subject, make sure you tell other people where to read it too.  You can put references in as footnotes or endnotes, we’re not fussy, so long as it is clear.

Don’t take it personally!  Sometimes having read an article submitted to us we might take the difficult decision not to put it on the site.  Sometimes we might hold on to an article to publish at a future date. Often we will edit what you have written before we publish a finished version.  We’ll keep you posted and won’t print anything you’re not happy with.  But please don’t take any of our decisions personally and try to respect them. 
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