Schizophrenia and Christianity

This is a severe mental illness, affecting up to 1% of the UK population in varying degrees of severity. Churches have a very important role to play in how we help people with this illness because:
  • -- they are often socially isolated
  • -- faith is an important part of mental health, helping people to live holistically
  • -- some people say schizophrenia can even enhance your faith - by helping you see God in unique ways

However, this is all to no avail if the church continues to stigmatise people with schizophrenia because:
  • -- they mistakenly think it is a form of demon posession and try to exorcise people
  • -- they think it is a sign of weak faith and tell people to stop taking their medication
  • -- they treat people [who are actually ill] are either stupid or violent and so deny them access to full fellowship

This short video goes some way to provide an introduction to the topic and how churches can help. Can your church do more?

Schizophrenia from Mind and Soul on Vimeo.

You might also find these information leaflets helpful - from the Royal College of Psychiatrists
Rob Waller, 01/08/2016
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