Running on Empty


Allie's personal story of how she overcame anorexia and bulimia and her addiction to exercise illustrates clearly how she used food and sport to mask her inner pain. She tells how psychology helped with some of the symptoms, but how it was ultimately Jesus who helped her find inner peace and her true self.
A combination of testimony and teaching, this book starts with Allie's childhood where her parents influence on her emotional development is frankly discussed. The she explains how sport became a way of finding a pseudo-identity and even happiness for a while, but it overcame her and left her feeling even lower than ever and very underweight. She has spent over two years in inpatient eating disorder facilities which helped her gain weight and some stability, but it was ultimately her journey to Mercy Ministries that helped her find the core of her faith and her meaning in life. It teaches about the problems and the solutions as well as ending with a wealth of recources and information.

ISBN: 9780954940010

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Times Article:
Allie Outran, 29/08/2008
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