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groupThe Greatness of Group Therapy
Other mentally ill people see me as I really am and there is no hiding! It is humbling but ultimately helpful... more ...
Alexander Crispin
hands imageForms of Counselling
What are the different types of counseling available and when should each be used. more ...
Rob Waller
TATPT-cover2The Amazing Technicolour Pyjama Therapy
Book review: the second book from Emily Ackerman - looking at reclaiming life in the context of chronic illness more ...
Emily Ackerman
hateWhen the person who hates you most … is you.
Bullying and abuse from someone who hates you is always hard to handle. But what do you do when the person who hates and bullys you most is yourself? more ...
Kate Middleton
wavesLyrical mindfulness and the parables of Jesus
Within psychology, a very strong argument is being made for the importance of the narrative perspective as part of our self-understanding.... more ...
Shaun Lambert
masksUsing Creative Arts
An overview of creative arts including drama therapy and the special place it has within how we can understand and deepen our faith. His body and our body... more ...
Sarah Milligan
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