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be mindfulWhat is Mindfulness anyway? 
This week, Mental Health Awareness week is all about mindfulness. But have you ever wondered what it actually IS? more ...
Kate Middleton
appleTowards emotionally healthy eating
As usual there's a lot in the press at the moment about how to eat healthy. But what does emotionally healthy eating look like? And does it really involve fasting two days a week? more ...
Kate Middleton
happy faceSimple steps for better mental health
On world mental health day, what can we all do to look after our emotional and mental health? more ...
Kate Middleton
logo square 300A Chilling Conversation
It's the question every parent dreads... 'do you think I am fat?' But it's not one I expected to encounter quite so soon. more ...
Kate Middleton
CalmBlueSea300x300The Value of Self-Acceptance and Self-Compassion
An article on the importance of self-acceptance and self-compassion. more ...
Richard H H Johnston