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3bears-webThe Three Bears: Anxiety, OCD, Depression 
In psychological diagnostics things aren't always straightforward. In this article Will explores the nuanced nature of our psychological experiences and approaches to recovery. more ...
Will Van Der Hart
growthBipolar Christians
This is the title of a popular topic in our forums - reproduced here for you to read. The problem is still very much understood. more ...
The Mind and Soul Team
diceDiagnosis - for good or ill?
Being given a diagnosis can be extremely helpful as it gives a name, support and treatment options. However diagnosis or ‘having a diagnosis’ can have many unwanted effects. more ...
Dr Emma Pierce
What's in a Diagnosis?
Last week, I was able to listen to Thomas Szasz and David Goldberg in the same day, Some will know these names, and their views on the benefits of diagnosis vary hugely more ...
Rob Waller