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leafLearning from Jesus' compassion
How wonderful it would be if we could we follow Jesus in His compassion, and show acceptance, care and love. more ...
Lorraine Gibbard
kurt-cobainAll Alone All Together 
Will Robin Williams' suicide awaken us to our isolating society? Is the church offering an alternative? What is suicide telling us about our culture, prejudice and stigma? more ...
Will Van Der Hart
reaching outCan you care too much?  
Many people feel drawn to caring roles, but the same people are very prone to burnout. What is the difference between empathy and compassion and is this the key to caring better for longer? more ...
Kate Middleton

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Compassionate CaringKate Middleton
Main AV Folder
Length:45 minutes
The bible is clear that we are called to be caring people. But when - or why - is caring difficult and how do we stretch the way we care without hitting our own limits? What might the bible - and current research on the power of compassion - teach us about how to care better? Video also available from -
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