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Christian Contemplation is a new Online Course which explores mindfulness of God in the Christian Contemplative Tradition.  In any given moment of our lives our attention and focus can be zoomed in - on a particular person, task, truth or concept - or zoomed out - looking at the big picture, such as a mountain range scene, an overall impression or a general sense of awareness.  Our attention and focus can be like a spotlight through which we delve deeper into the reality we focus upon...or our attention could be fragmented, distracted and pulled away into a mixed smorgasbord of thoughts, feelings, memories or body sensations.

Mindfulness of God involves "paying attention on purpose" to who God is and his heart towards self and others.  In the process of paying attention to who he is we can experience his love and healing mercy.

In the Christian Mindfulness Online Course we look at how we can develop mindfulness of body, soul and spirit in the context of Christian faith and mindfulness meditation which is compatible with a Christian worldview.  In this new course we delve deeper into the Christian Contemplative tradition and explore both teaching and meditative practices that invite us into the depths of God's love where we can experience greater healing, wholeness and union with God through Christ.

The course sessions are as follows -

FREE Online Course Session - “Introducing Christian Contemplation”.  See here.

Session 1 - Lectio Divina and the Contemplative Life

Session 2 - The Psalms and the Contemplative Life

Session 3 - Song of Songs and the Contemplative Life

Session 4 - Loving-kindness and the Contemplative Life

Session 5 - Contemplation and Christian Mysticism

Session 6 - The Abba Cry and the Contemplative Life

For more details see here.  My prayer is that through bringing focussed attention and awareness in your relationship with God you will know him better but also experience greater mental, emotional and spiritual healing through relationship with the God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Richard H H Johnston
Director, Christian Mindfulness and Christian Contemplation

Richard H H Johnston, 15/08/2016
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