The Ongoing Journey

Each journey has a beginning, each path a start,
Excitement and trepidation, be still my heart.
The journey is hard, the temptations many,
But I journey on, though the burden is heavy. 

The path is a laid out, a veritable quagmire,
Twisting and turning, I frequently tire.
I look up above, to the waving trees,
Their slight branches, move in the breeze.

The blades of grass twinkling in the dew
A path of golden pebbles winding through. 
With delight I remember, the promises made,
by my mighty saviour, not to be afraid.

"My beautiful child, like a star shining bright,
Give me your burden, I will make it light."
So I take the golden path, leaving the mud behind,
My eyes fixed heavenward, worries off my mind.

As I look to the left, and I look to the right,
I see only Jesus, oh what a sight!
To see my dear friend, holding my hand,
My heart thumping loudly, as brass band.

And so I journey on, refreshed as His daughter,
By the abundant streams of living water.
Whatever it takes, whatever the cost,
I will never again, be so terribly lost.

For my heart is full, of the greatest of knowledge,
That the price had been paid, thanks to His homage.
I am saved from the darkness, bought into the light,
No more do I wonder, no more do I fight.

I simply dance, in the grace of the clade,
A wonderful creation, fearfully made.
And so I journey on, refreshed as His daughter,
By the abundant streams, of living water.

By Emmy Rayment


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