The Navigating Life Seminars (Focus 2014) 

At HTB Focus 2014 we ran an important stream of teaching about life transitions called 'Navigating Life'. 
Catch up with the talks through the descritions and links below.
1. Navigating Change (Click Here for Audio)
Will Van Der Hart with Katharine Welby Roberts
'Change is a certainty in life and yet the uncertainty that it produces can cause still stir up all sorts of troubling emotions and reactions. How do we 'change well' and is it possible to truly prepare for change? What does the Jesus teach us about change and what tools does the bible illuminate to deal with it when it comes.'

2. Navigating Success (Click here for Audio)
Theo Brun
'We all know that adversity can be hard to deal with, and yet it often proves to be a time of spiritual growth. Despite craving success, it can provide many more troubling and captivating challenges than adversity. How we prepare for success will not only help us to defend against its challenges but also embrace its opportunities.'

3. Navigating Expectations (Click here for Audio)
Will Van Der Hart with lucinda Van Der Hart
Everyone lives under the weight of anothers expectations. What is the difference between positive and negative expectations? How much of our drive to succeed is actually rooted in our sense of calling or even desire versus the hope that we might match up to expectations? Explore the theological and psychological threads to gain a liberated perspective.

4. Navigating Failure/Disappointment (Click here for Audio)
Ali Herbert

In an increasingly perfectionist culture, failure has become a cliff to fall off of, not an experience to learn from. Despite all of us being touched by failures and disappointments on a regular basis, why are we so ashamed to discuss the lessons they provide? How can we navigate life dissapointments without becoming hopeless?

5. Navigating Desire (Click here for Audio)
Will Van Der Hart

Have you ever asked yourself what you really want? Are your desires and drivers really apparent to you or do you find yourself being hijacked by them in moments of vulnerability? How does your desire for God and your 'hearts desire' match up? This is an opportunity for grace and understanding that could lead to the end of a long battle.
Will Van Der Hart, 13/08/2014
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