How I Coped with Depression: An Inconvenient Posting

I already had the living abroad tee-shirt, and believed that another move, this time to the USA, where they spoke the same language, would be easy. How wrong I was!

My candid (and I'm told) often humorous memoir demonstrates that things don't always go as expected – particularly with three kids in tow and an oft-absent husband. Setting up home in Houston placed me in the eye of hurricane Ike, a frisky piano teacher and a crushing loss of identity. Meanwhile, I was trying to come to terms with losing my hard won career as a psychotherapist.

As part of my journey back to good mental health, I decided to share the truth of my ensuing depression and recovery in the hope that my story would offer expatriates and those who have suffered similar episodes, hope and inspiration. My 'story' is set against a dramatic Houston backdrop, and includes a host of ideas and resources that help foster emotional resilience when faced with a depressive episode.

One of the struggles I encountered, was with my Christian faith and although not a central theme to the story, I have came to realise that perhaps I was angry with God, along with my husband and myself! I found that more recently, attending the summer conference 'New Wine 2013' gave me a wonderfully reflective time with God and an opportunity to deepen my relationship with him. I would recommend it to anyone thinking of going along in the future.

Reviews of 'An Inconvenient Posting'

"Stephens graciously takes us along on her downward spiral into depression, then details what helped as she makes her triumphant journey back." Linda A. Janssen, author of The Emotionally Resilient Expat: Engage, Adapt and Thrive Across Cultures

"A treasure trove of understanding and resources." Anne P. Copeland PhD, author of Global Baby,

"A rich resource for expatriates and others struggling with the challenges of a major life transition." Tina Quick, author of The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition,

"Touch, taste, and feel the incredible paradoxes inherent in an expatriate lifestyle." Ruth E. Van Reken, author of Letters Never Sent, co-author, Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds, co-founder, Families in Global Transition,

Come and visit me/browse through my article blogs at: Find me on twitter: @LauraJStephens 'An Inconvenient Posting: an expat wife's memoir of lost identity' by Laura J Stephens, published by Summertime Publishing Language: English ISBN- 9781904881803 £9.99
Laura J Stephens, 05/08/2013
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