Talks from HTB Leadership Conference

Dr Rob Waller spoke on two panels at the recent HTB Leadership Event in London at the Royal Albert Hall. You can download the audio and video from their site or listen /watch online at these links. His sections are about 15 mins into each one and then some Q&A at the end, but all is interesting.

God places the Lonely into Families:

We are told to share “not only the gospel but our lives as well” (1 thess 2v8), so how do we in our communities become places that welcome the stranger providing practical, spiritual and emotional support within a context that is thriving and life giving. What are the practical needs that the community face as we do this? Hear from leaders who have been working in their church settings to see the hospitality of the kingdom established. Panel included: Sue Colman, Rob Waller, Ed Walker, Darrell Tunningly and Kat Osborn

Getting to know my community and the needs within in:

As we get involved in our neighbourhoods and the people within them we find a huge range of challenges; from debt to addiction, family breakdown to mental health disorders. As the local church we want to provide a holistic response to meet the needs of our neighbours. Nicky Lee will interview a panel of professionals to provide you with a basic understanding of these issues, equipping you with tools the church can use to respond. Panel included: Nicky and Sila Lee, Sir Paul Coleridge, Bruce Connell, Christopher West, Kay Dowd and Rob Waller.


Rob Waller, 31/05/2012
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