Transformation in Christ, Healing and Discipleship Course

Randall Staley has developed this new course, distilled from his experience leading a Living Waters Programme for 15 years and his involvement as a speaker and team member on Lin Button's Healing Prayer Schools in the U.K. and abroad for many years.

The aims of the programme are

  • To provide relevant teaching and compassionate ministry in a safe and confidential place to aid the removal of blockages to growth in the spiritual formation of followers of Christ.
  • To help disciples of Christ to discover the roots of present struggles and to offer an opportunity for receiving God's grace, healing and encouragement for their on-going transformation in Christ.

The Programme is for anyone who:

  • has come to faith in Christ. It would be preferable if you have completed an Alpha Course or similar.
  • has a desire to grow in their walk with God
  • is willing to allow God to bring about change in their lives and is willing to face any painful issues that God may bring to the surface
  • is willing to receive the healing ministry of the Holy Spirit through healing prayer, the laying on of hands, the use of the symbols of water and oil for cleansing and anointing
  • desires freedom from present struggles whether sexual, relational, addiction, inability to trust God or others, lack of self-acceptance, forgiveness issues etc.
  • is willing to commit to attending each of the ten sessions and to devoting quality time to personal application of the course material

Teaching and Ministry subjects include: Hope , The Father's Love, A Sure Foundation, The Cross, Healing and Empowering of the Will, Self-Acceptance, Freedom from Addiction, Restoring Whole Relationships between Men and Women, Dealing with Temptation, Staying Present to God, Healing Wounds from Primary Relationships etc. 

Please see our website for further details:

Each evening will consist of Worship and Teaching followed by individual prayer ministry in large and small group settings. The course venue is in Woodford Green. Please see their website for application forms or write to: Transformation in Christ, PO Box 96 Woodford Green, Essex, IG8 0PD

Randall Staley, 21/04/2011
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