The Mind and Soul Foundation Directors have over 50 years combined experience in the field of emotional and mental health. Their unique combination of psychiatry, psychology, coaching and ministry allows them to bring together the very best of theology and medicine.



Rev'd Will Van Der Hart

Will has been an Ordained Anglican Priest in London since 2004, he is also an accredited ICF coach who works both in secular business and church settings. His interest in emotional health is wide ranging, reflecting his broad experience in a variety of pastoral contexts. Will is an author and an integrative bible teacher who speaks at a number of national forums. He is a MHFA mental health first aider and is passionate about equipping church leaders to look after their own emotional health as well as empowering them to manage the emotional needs of the people in their care.

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Dr Kate Middleton

Kate is a psychologist with a particular interest in the way our emotions affect us. She's passionate about helping people keep emotionally healthy in spite of what life throws at them, & making sure they reach their full potential. She's a church leader, speaker and author and is also project leader of Headstrong, an online wellbeing space for teenagers and young people created as a partnership between us and Youthscape.. Kate spends a lot of time explaining that she isn't married to Prince William but enjoys reading about her good dress sense in the newspapers. She lives in Hitchin with her husband and two children. Read more...
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Dr Rob Waller

Rob is a Consultant Psychiatrist working in Scotland. He is married to Susanna and they live in Edinburgh with their two sons. Rob wants to empower mental health professionals to use their skills in a Godly way and inform the places where they work. He believes the good news of Christianity brings an essential contribution to mental health services. Read more...


Dr Chi-Chi Obuaya

Chi-Chi is a Consultant Psychiatrist practicing in the NHS and at the Nightingale Hospital, central London's leading private mental health hospital. He is a graduate of Royal Free & University College Medical School. He also has an International Health BSc from University College London and an MBA from Imperial College London. He completed his postgraduate training in London and has been a Consultant since 2014. Read more...
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Arianna Walker

Arianna is the CEO of Mercy UK, a Christian mental health charity. She has over 25 years' experience in developing people, leading teams and coaching individuals- especially in the area of mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.  She is a qualified teacher (B.Ed.Hons) a MHFA mental health first aider, and is currently completing her British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited MSc. Psychology of Mental Health and Wellbeing. Read More...
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We also have a number of people and ministries that we have a relationship with who promote the work of The Mind and Soul Foundation both in the UK and abroad. Read more about them.
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